Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Progress So Far..

I know we've been neglected this blog for such a long long long time..I'm really sorry for that..the wedding preparation already make us crazy..so, I update the wedding blog which is written in Indonesia more often..hahaha

Sometimes, I just confused with what should I write in this blog..because we used almost all of our time to prepare for the big day..But, this time I think it will be great if I share you some progress about my wedding day :)

The only thing that's already fix is the venue..we haven't booked for the catering and decoration :(..we're still working on it to find a great one and fit to our budget :D..there are a lot of vendors that offers a great quality, but most of them are out of our reach :p..

We will celebrate our Big Day in three event..the wedding reception will be held twice, one in a wedding hall and the other in Delon's house..this is because both of our tradition will be use in the wedding, Aceh and Padang :)..and the third event is the wedding contract or what we called akad nikah..but we still haven't decided whether the akad nikah will be held in my house or in a mosque..

I guess this all that I can share this time..the most important thing is we were very excited to prepare our big day :D..really hope that everything will run smoothly until December 11th, 2010 *yess,,this is our wedding date* :)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally!! A New Wedding Blog Has Come :)

I'm soo happy to write on this blog again..
after a long thought, we decided to make a new blog that focus on our wedding preparation and will be written on Bahasa..why? because I want to make it detail and I think it will be easier to write in Bahasa, coz it's my mother language :D..hahaha

But, we won't leave this blog for sure..we will keep writing on it, especially about common things..coz all about the wedding will be update on

anw, is there any of you who want to give some suggestion of what should we write on this blog?
or maybe what do you want to know about relationship or maybe our relationship..hehehe
feel free to give us any comments :)


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sorry for the long hiatus!! Both of us are soo busy with one and the other things..
but I'll try to update this blog more often, since I'm sure that there will be a lot of things to share in a couple months ahead :D
First Thing First
Since February 27th, 2010, Delon and I were officialy engaged :)..
and we plan to held our wedding at the end of this year..just hope everything will be run smoothly and we can find the venue for our wedding soon!! :D

No no no, this is not the engagement ring, this is just the rings that we used to wear from 2006 if I'm not mistaken.

I can't post the photos of our engagement coz all the photos are with my cousins, coz he is the photographer..I haven't see those pic too honestly..as soon as I get those pic, I will post it in this blog :)

The second thing is if you the daisypath in the left coloumn, you'll see 'We've been together for 8 years and 1 day'..

yesss!! yesterday was our 8th annversary!! I'm soo happy that we can keep our relationship for this long and I'm sure we can keep this 'love sparkle' on forever :)..I'm sure that he is a soulmate that God create and sent to me..I know maybe it sounds cheezy, but when you already found someone that you really love, you will feel what I feel now ;)

I really can't wait for the Big Day..please pray for us friends :)

since now we were on our preparations for the big day, I think this blog will be a wedding blog soon..coz we plan to update about our preparation here, so maybe we can help other couples who also prepare their weddings :)..

For the last, if you have any info about the wedding venue that is not too expensive or other info about wedding preparation, please tell us :)..thankss a lot !!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

A big thing comes from a little thing

When your relationship has been for a couple years, sometimes you forget about some little things and then it can make you lose the 'love sparkle' in your relationship..that's what happened to some people that I know..they broke up with the boyfriend/girlfriend after a long time relationship..because suddenly they become more like friends than a couple..

Thanks God that it wouldn't happened in my relationship..Although we've been together for almost 8 years we still have the love sparkle..some people asked me whether I'm not bored or some kind like that..I must admit that so far I never bored with Delon as my soulmate..but,,in the 5th year of this relationship I am little bored with the routines of it..but after talking heart to heart with Delon, we find the solutions and our relationship keep on going and it become better and better day by day..

I just wanna share some of our ways to keep the sparkle of our relationship..

1. We always celebrate our month anniversary since the 1st month until now..we not celebrated it with dinner or any kind of celebrations..we just text each other and send our wishes to this relationship..I know some of you might think it's kinda lame..but it works well on us :)

2. Every night we usually says something like 'good night, have a nice sleep&sweet dreams, wait for me in your dream, etc'..but it's not happened every night, sometimes each of us were just too tired and haven't have time to saying good night to each other first.. *Delon did it again tonight!! I think he already sleeep in the middle of our chat, because he is not reply my YM anymore..I know that he must be too tired after playing 'futsal' in 2 rounds*

3. Communications and trust. I must say that both of them are very important in a relationship. We always communicate with each other everyday *thankss to Blackberry that make us easier to chat all the time ;)*..Since, we don't meet each other everyday, so communications via ym, sms, or call is soo important!! We always tell each other what we are doing..and we must trust each other..Talking about trust,it's the hardest part..because we can say 'I trust you', but sometimes your heart tell the different things..until now, we always try to trust each other..sometimes we got a problem in it, but we still can fixed it with communications..that's why I said these two thing are soo important and related to each other :)

4. You have to believe that your couple is the one that God created just for you..if you're still not believe that He/She is The One, you will looking for another boy/girl or at least you will open your heart for another people..and it will be bad for your relationship, because it will make a possibility to cheated on your couple..But of course, this 'the one' thing is not as easy as what I said..it takes time! But,the important thing is when you are in a relationship,just keep your heart for only him/her..do not let anyone enter your heart..In my opinion, break up with someone just because of you like other people is a very bad thing..coz there's a possibility that you will do that again in your next relationship..but my friends always said that if it's related to the heart, sometimes we just can't control it..I won't say it wrong,but at least try to control it :)..

5. Give full support to each other. I know that sometimes what we want is contradict with what our couple want..It also happened in my relationship..all you have to do is negotiate and compromise..find the perfect way so that can accomodate both of your thoughts. No one is this world that has a same thought in every aspect of life. that's why compromise is important. Never forced what you want to your couple coz it will make him/her depressed. I can say that relationship means compromise, because we try to combine two different thoughts. And of course, don't forget about respect..Respect each other is soo important in relationship..

for the last...

6. You might ever heard or read a statement that say 'in relationship, we must accept each other in the way they are'..I'm quite disagree with this statement..Because, sometimes you need to change and be a better person, not always be the way you are..If your couple can make you a better person, why you have to choose to be the way you are.. why don't you give it a try and be a better person..but of course, you always can choose to be the way you are if you think that is the best for you..because after all, you are the one who run your life, not your boyfriend/girlfriend..

Actually how long a couple has been together is not a guarantee that they will be happily ever after or they relationship will continue to the next step, such as married..it's all depends on the person who build the relationship..For me, I really hope that my 'almost 8 years' relationship will be happily ever after and we can get married to build a happy family :)..

I know this is a long post..I just want to share my thoughts..I hope this post will be useful to your relationship..However, one thing for sure, every relationship is unique..it has its own way to make and to keep the sparkle on..and this is our ways :)..


Monday, January 04, 2010

First Date on 2010 ;)

Last saturday, Jan 2nd, is my First Date with Delon in 2010..but, it's not like our special date, coz there are my sisters and cousins who join us :)

I can say that day was a very tired day..because we went to 4 mall (GI, PI, PS, and PP) just to get Sherlock Holmes tickets..and it ended up with not getting any ticket..all are sold out or just left front seat..so, finally we decided to go to Kemang just to hang around..haha

Here are the Full Team!! :D *minus my little sis who never want to get captured, so she became the photographer :p*

[aufar, auzan, amel, nabila, me, delon, azzie]

In this year, I really hope that our relationship will went well and we can make our dream come true ;)..New Year 2010 is the 8th New year that we've been through together, but we never celebrate the NYE together..I really hope that next NYE 2011 we can celebrate it together :)

I do really wish that we can keep our love and become a better person in the year 2010..I realized that sometimes we still fight for 'a little thing' that is not important at all..I hope we will be more mature and do not sweat a small stuff..I'm sure we can make this relationship better and better :)

those are some pics that were taken on my camera..actually there are a lot of pics of us, but they're on Delon's..so, just wait until delon post them up..hehe

and this is a snapshoot pic of me and him..taken by amel..both of us are soo tired..
I'm looking at delon's hp and delon is watching narnia on tv..hehe

okey,,that's all my post for today..
I just wanna say that there are a lot of things that we've been done together, both sad and happy things..and I really appreciate all of the momments that we've shared together..I love youu <333

and tomorrow on Januari 5th, 2010, we will celebrate our 7 years and 10 month anniversary..yeayyy!! I'm sooo happy!!! :)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Some Old Sketches :)

Heyy readers :)..How's your life so far?
It's been quite long since the last time we post something in this blog :D..
Sorry for the lack of updates..Both of Us were just quite busy these days, especially Delon who have to work and go to college at the same time :)..*C'mon My Dear..I know you can do it :)*

Anw, I just found these old sketches of me and Delon.
The Sketches were made by a friend of me in Senior High School, Manda. And they were made around 2004..So, these sketches is about 5 years old now..hahaha

The first sketch is Me and Delon.
I don't know why she pictured me as an indian girl and Delon as a Dutch man.. haha

anw, what do you think about the sketch? Does it look like me and Delon? :)

and the second sketch is My Lovely boy, Delon :)
yess, I ask her to make a sketch of Delon in this pose.
I love his pose so much..I think He looks cool in that pose..hahaha
What do you think?

And this sketch is soo similar with the real picture of Delon :)
but too bad I don't have any scanner, so I can't show you the real pic..

I think that's all I wanna share for this time
Hope I can see you soon in the next post :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just call me The Special One

Good Morning,

How are U all? I hope that U're all happy all the time...=)

Ok, first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Delonika Yuki Eka Putra, or U can just call me Delon. Currently I'm working in Indonesian Central Securities Depository 'n also taking a Master Degree in University of Indonesia, majoring Marketing Manajemen. I love everything about football. I'm one of the big fan of The Three Lions!! (England National Football Team)

I met Fika about 8 years ago, 'n we've been together since 7 years ago. Maybe U all wanna know how can I be with her for this long. Well, there's no secret Guys!! Because if you want something, just do it, 'n U should be sure that every part of this world 'n also God always helps you in the way that U'll never know.

Actually, I made this blog a long time ago, 'n the purpose of it was just for having fun 'n writing everything we like. But since couple of years ago, I stop writing this blog. It's just because I don't know what else I should write. I just realized that I don't really enjoy writing about myself, so I made another blog 'n start writing about football or just anything else that is not related to my day-to-day activities. But, since last month, My Special One asked me to write again in this blog but focus on 'us'. Ok, then, by now I start to write again, but maybe I just focusing to write about anything that makes the reader happy, motivated, and also enjoy to read. So, I hope U all enjoy reading this blog. We'll try the best we can to share everything about our life that can inspire U all. But, more than that, we also need your feedback so that we can be better 'n better everyday. Coz, being good is not enough, when better is possible...

Nice sleep, everyone!! =)