Monday, October 26, 2009

Just call me The Special One

Good Morning,

How are U all? I hope that U're all happy all the time...=)

Ok, first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Delonika Yuki Eka Putra, or U can just call me Delon. Currently I'm working in Indonesian Central Securities Depository 'n also taking a Master Degree in University of Indonesia, majoring Marketing Manajemen. I love everything about football. I'm one of the big fan of The Three Lions!! (England National Football Team)

I met Fika about 8 years ago, 'n we've been together since 7 years ago. Maybe U all wanna know how can I be with her for this long. Well, there's no secret Guys!! Because if you want something, just do it, 'n U should be sure that every part of this world 'n also God always helps you in the way that U'll never know.

Actually, I made this blog a long time ago, 'n the purpose of it was just for having fun 'n writing everything we like. But since couple of years ago, I stop writing this blog. It's just because I don't know what else I should write. I just realized that I don't really enjoy writing about myself, so I made another blog 'n start writing about football or just anything else that is not related to my day-to-day activities. But, since last month, My Special One asked me to write again in this blog but focus on 'us'. Ok, then, by now I start to write again, but maybe I just focusing to write about anything that makes the reader happy, motivated, and also enjoy to read. So, I hope U all enjoy reading this blog. We'll try the best we can to share everything about our life that can inspire U all. But, more than that, we also need your feedback so that we can be better 'n better everyday. Coz, being good is not enough, when better is possible...

Nice sleep, everyone!! =)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make Me Babies..

Have you ever heard about the website that can predict how is your baby will look like?
I found the web about a month ago..and it's quite fun!! hihi
you only have to upload a photo of you and your boyfriend, and you don't have to wait until 9 months to see your baby :p...
yuup,,just in a few seconds they will show you a photos of your baby...

and here is the baby of Me and Delon ;p..
what do you think? as I see from the pic, the baby got my lips and Delon's eyes&nose...hehehe
I named him Delonick, Jr.
(yess,,Delon always said that he want to named his sons with Delonick, Jr.)..

anw, if you don't have a boyfriend yet, you also can make babies with hot celebs..hehehe
they provide many of celebs photos, just pick your fave actor/actress :)

Wanna try to make baby??
Visit the web HERE
and Have Fun!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

A little story from the past :)

hmm..actually I don't wanna write on this blog before Delon write and say hi to all of you..hihi
but, he's so busy now and have no time to blogging..he take master degree at night and also has to work in the morning til afternoon..and on Tuesday, he will have a mid term test "Good Luck Honey :)..I know you can do it!!"

So, here I am writing on this blog again..hehe *don't get bored with me,,ok? hihi*
Since this will be a 2nd post, I wanna share a little things about us and our relationship, especially about how we met each other :)

Delon and I met in Senior High School in 2001 and we were joined the same extracurricular, PASKIBRA. He's my senior at that time. I was in the 1st grade and He is in the 3rd grade.
Believe it or not, He is the first guy that I had a crushed on in senior high ;)..and he is the reason why I'm taking PASKIBRA as my extracurricular :p..haha
However, he is such a cool senior who has a lot admirers *I can said it because some of them were also my friends..haha*..we never talk each other eventough we're in the same extracurricular..I talked to other seniors, but not to him..I also talked to him actually, but it's really rare and only if there's something important..He's so untouchable for me * I'm serious!!*..
With his 'cool attitude', so I think he will never pay attention to me, then I tried to find another potential man to had a crushed on..hahahaha
and you know what?? when I'm not thinking about him anymore, I got a text msg from him!!.i.t just a simple message, which saying hi and asking what I'm doing..but it makes me jumping around in my room and give a very big smile in my face was really a BIG surpise for me..coz, never thought it will happened in a thousand years.
When I told about the msg to my friends *yeaah,,almost all of my classmates know that I like him :p*, no one believe me. All of them said that it was the 'fake Delon'. But, the fact is the man who sent the message is a real Delon..Lucky me !!
about 2-3 months after that msg inciden, exactly on March 5th, 2002, we're officially become a couple :)..and another surprise for me is I am his first girlfriend!!! can't you believe it? *I just hope that I'll be the last too* :D...

pic from the past..hihi..
it was taken when I'm still a senior high student and Delon already a college student :)

now, when we've been together for almost 8 years..I feel soo lucky to have him at my side.. we've been through soo many things together, the sadness and of course the happiness..Like other relationships, ours do not always run smooth..many things can trigger a fight..but thanks God we can solve all the problems..and we believe that those fights make our relationship become stronger and mature :)..

that's all a little story for tonight..see yaa in the next post!! :)
happy reading and good night..


Friday, October 16, 2009

We wanna say "Hi" :)

Hi !!! Welcome to Our Blog!!!
DnF in LOVE is a blog which will be written by Delon and Fika..
Yess,,we try to make a couple blog :)
We've been together since March 5th, 2002..
So, you can count by yourself how long have we been together..hehe

Actually, this blog already exist since early 2005. I don't know why but we never write on this blog again since 2006. Maybe because at that time I don't understand much about blogging world, so I rarely write on this blog. Delon is the one who usually update this blog..and then He got busy with so many things, so this blog become neglected..hehe

Soo, Why we decided to write again on this blog??
about a month ago,I got a comment on my blog asking why I don't make a couple blog..
*yeaah, some of my blog's reader ask about how can we keep our relationship for more than 7 years*..So, I ask Delon about the idea of making a couple blog and He remind me that we already have a blog *yess, I forgot about this blog at all :('s my bad..and I apologized for that*..

So, here it is!! we try to write a blog about our relationship, about us, and of course about love..hahaha..But, before that we agree to unpublished all of our posts in 2005..

So, this will be our first post :)..
I hope you'll enjoy this blog..