Monday, October 26, 2009

Just call me The Special One

Good Morning,

How are U all? I hope that U're all happy all the time...=)

Ok, first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Delonika Yuki Eka Putra, or U can just call me Delon. Currently I'm working in Indonesian Central Securities Depository 'n also taking a Master Degree in University of Indonesia, majoring Marketing Manajemen. I love everything about football. I'm one of the big fan of The Three Lions!! (England National Football Team)

I met Fika about 8 years ago, 'n we've been together since 7 years ago. Maybe U all wanna know how can I be with her for this long. Well, there's no secret Guys!! Because if you want something, just do it, 'n U should be sure that every part of this world 'n also God always helps you in the way that U'll never know.

Actually, I made this blog a long time ago, 'n the purpose of it was just for having fun 'n writing everything we like. But since couple of years ago, I stop writing this blog. It's just because I don't know what else I should write. I just realized that I don't really enjoy writing about myself, so I made another blog 'n start writing about football or just anything else that is not related to my day-to-day activities. But, since last month, My Special One asked me to write again in this blog but focus on 'us'. Ok, then, by now I start to write again, but maybe I just focusing to write about anything that makes the reader happy, motivated, and also enjoy to read. So, I hope U all enjoy reading this blog. We'll try the best we can to share everything about our life that can inspire U all. But, more than that, we also need your feedback so that we can be better 'n better everyday. Coz, being good is not enough, when better is possible...

Nice sleep, everyone!! =)



F i K a said...

yeayyy!! finally you wrote on this blog Honey :)

let's wrote this blog and share our love to others..hahaha

kriwul said...

hehe... you're just like my BF, he's too busy (or too lazy maybe) to write too... he keeps saying that he dunno what to write

Sabila Anata said...

hey :)
jangan lupa untuk ikutan giveaways at my blog yaaaa :))

ichi sjahbuddin said...

ya allah, 7 tahuuunnn?!
hebat bgt sihhhh
aku aja baru setahunan udh jenuhhh huhuhuu
semoga sampai nikah ya kaaa hehehe

nyiell said...

delon, tell them the details about the day when u asked kiepiek to be your gf donk, hahahahaha..


F i K a said...

@ ichi: makasii yaaa...masalah jenuh atau ganya..mgkn krn blum ngerasa 'the one' aja tuh..hihihi

@ nyiell: hahaha..iya riiil..nnti gw suruh dia cerita ttg itu deh :p..

miwwa said...

hihii.. keep writing what u want to tell, not what ur readers want to read. xD