Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Some Old Sketches :)

Heyy readers :)..How's your life so far?
It's been quite long since the last time we post something in this blog :D..
Sorry for the lack of updates..Both of Us were just quite busy these days, especially Delon who have to work and go to college at the same time :)..*C'mon My Dear..I know you can do it :)*

Anw, I just found these old sketches of me and Delon.
The Sketches were made by a friend of me in Senior High School, Manda. And they were made around 2004..So, these sketches is about 5 years old now..hahaha

The first sketch is Me and Delon.
I don't know why she pictured me as an indian girl and Delon as a Dutch man.. haha

anw, what do you think about the sketch? Does it look like me and Delon? :)

and the second sketch is My Lovely boy, Delon :)
yess, I ask her to make a sketch of Delon in this pose.
I love his pose so much..I think He looks cool in that pose..hahaha
What do you think?

And this sketch is soo similar with the real picture of Delon :)
but too bad I don't have any scanner, so I can't show you the real pic..

I think that's all I wanna share for this time
Hope I can see you soon in the next post :D

1 comment:

miwwa said...

the first sketch reaaly looks like u two. of course I compare it with ur photoes since I haven't meet u directly. :)