Saturday, January 16, 2010

A big thing comes from a little thing

When your relationship has been for a couple years, sometimes you forget about some little things and then it can make you lose the 'love sparkle' in your relationship..that's what happened to some people that I know..they broke up with the boyfriend/girlfriend after a long time relationship..because suddenly they become more like friends than a couple..

Thanks God that it wouldn't happened in my relationship..Although we've been together for almost 8 years we still have the love sparkle..some people asked me whether I'm not bored or some kind like that..I must admit that so far I never bored with Delon as my soulmate..but,,in the 5th year of this relationship I am little bored with the routines of it..but after talking heart to heart with Delon, we find the solutions and our relationship keep on going and it become better and better day by day..

I just wanna share some of our ways to keep the sparkle of our relationship..

1. We always celebrate our month anniversary since the 1st month until now..we not celebrated it with dinner or any kind of celebrations..we just text each other and send our wishes to this relationship..I know some of you might think it's kinda lame..but it works well on us :)

2. Every night we usually says something like 'good night, have a nice sleep&sweet dreams, wait for me in your dream, etc'..but it's not happened every night, sometimes each of us were just too tired and haven't have time to saying good night to each other first.. *Delon did it again tonight!! I think he already sleeep in the middle of our chat, because he is not reply my YM anymore..I know that he must be too tired after playing 'futsal' in 2 rounds*

3. Communications and trust. I must say that both of them are very important in a relationship. We always communicate with each other everyday *thankss to Blackberry that make us easier to chat all the time ;)*..Since, we don't meet each other everyday, so communications via ym, sms, or call is soo important!! We always tell each other what we are doing..and we must trust each other..Talking about trust,it's the hardest part..because we can say 'I trust you', but sometimes your heart tell the different things..until now, we always try to trust each other..sometimes we got a problem in it, but we still can fixed it with communications..that's why I said these two thing are soo important and related to each other :)

4. You have to believe that your couple is the one that God created just for you..if you're still not believe that He/She is The One, you will looking for another boy/girl or at least you will open your heart for another people..and it will be bad for your relationship, because it will make a possibility to cheated on your couple..But of course, this 'the one' thing is not as easy as what I takes time! But,the important thing is when you are in a relationship,just keep your heart for only him/ not let anyone enter your heart..In my opinion, break up with someone just because of you like other people is a very bad thing..coz there's a possibility that you will do that again in your next relationship..but my friends always said that if it's related to the heart, sometimes we just can't control it..I won't say it wrong,but at least try to control it :)..

5. Give full support to each other. I know that sometimes what we want is contradict with what our couple want..It also happened in my relationship..all you have to do is negotiate and compromise..find the perfect way so that can accomodate both of your thoughts. No one is this world that has a same thought in every aspect of life. that's why compromise is important. Never forced what you want to your couple coz it will make him/her depressed. I can say that relationship means compromise, because we try to combine two different thoughts. And of course, don't forget about respect..Respect each other is soo important in relationship..

for the last...

6. You might ever heard or read a statement that say 'in relationship, we must accept each other in the way they are'..I'm quite disagree with this statement..Because, sometimes you need to change and be a better person, not always be the way you are..If your couple can make you a better person, why you have to choose to be the way you are.. why don't you give it a try and be a better person..but of course, you always can choose to be the way you are if you think that is the best for you..because after all, you are the one who run your life, not your boyfriend/girlfriend..

Actually how long a couple has been together is not a guarantee that they will be happily ever after or they relationship will continue to the next step, such as's all depends on the person who build the relationship..For me, I really hope that my 'almost 8 years' relationship will be happily ever after and we can get married to build a happy family :)..

I know this is a long post..I just want to share my thoughts..I hope this post will be useful to your relationship..However, one thing for sure, every relationship is has its own way to make and to keep the sparkle on..and this is our ways :)..



miwwa said...

"every relationship is has its own way to make and to keep the sparkle on" I'm thinking about giving a comment like this before I read it at the end of your writing. hehe.. keep together ya. ;)

indigo wine said...

Fika, seriously, if i didn't know it better, i would have thought you got one perfect prince on a white horse there... and i would be extremely jealous, hahahahaha..

but it's delon -_-" that moronic guy..

so, yeah.. scratch that jealous thing..

anyway, what i was gonna say is... YOU HAD SUCH WONDERFUL RELATIONSHIP and i wish for it to be a long and prosperous one.


Vero said...

Woww! 8 years?! The day I marry my hubby for the 2nd time (we held our wedding twice, for the different religion), was our 1st anniversary. But I think, it's not how long we've been together with our lover, right?

All the best wishes for you both.

stellectism said...

fika, me and bf also do the 1st and 2nd things you mentioned in the post. hahaha. it's not lame i think, it make the relationship stronger, without we realizing it :<3