Monday, January 04, 2010

First Date on 2010 ;)

Last saturday, Jan 2nd, is my First Date with Delon in 2010..but, it's not like our special date, coz there are my sisters and cousins who join us :)

I can say that day was a very tired day..because we went to 4 mall (GI, PI, PS, and PP) just to get Sherlock Holmes tickets..and it ended up with not getting any ticket..all are sold out or just left front, finally we decided to go to Kemang just to hang around..haha

Here are the Full Team!! :D *minus my little sis who never want to get captured, so she became the photographer :p*

[aufar, auzan, amel, nabila, me, delon, azzie]

In this year, I really hope that our relationship will went well and we can make our dream come true ;)..New Year 2010 is the 8th New year that we've been through together, but we never celebrate the NYE together..I really hope that next NYE 2011 we can celebrate it together :)

I do really wish that we can keep our love and become a better person in the year 2010..I realized that sometimes we still fight for 'a little thing' that is not important at all..I hope we will be more mature and do not sweat a small stuff..I'm sure we can make this relationship better and better :)

those are some pics that were taken on my camera..actually there are a lot of pics of us, but they're on Delon', just wait until delon post them up..hehe

and this is a snapshoot pic of me and him..taken by amel..both of us are soo tired..
I'm looking at delon's hp and delon is watching narnia on tv..hehe

okey,,that's all my post for today..
I just wanna say that there are a lot of things that we've been done together, both sad and happy things..and I really appreciate all of the momments that we've shared together..I love youu <333

and tomorrow on Januari 5th, 2010, we will celebrate our 7 years and 10 month anniversary..yeayyy!! I'm sooo happy!!! :)



Bere tarde o temprano said...

7 YEARS???? wooow, congratulations dear! happy new year!

F i K a said...

thanksss bere..yup, in about 2 months it will be 8 years :)..hehe
happy new year too!!


devishanty said...

ayo buruan nikah! *big grin* :D

Eva Silviana said...

Oh my gosh that's sweet of you two. Lucu deh fotonya hehe. Happy anniv ya kak :)

Delon Fika said...

@devishanty:maunya siy gtu..minta tmbhan modal yaa..hahaha..doain ajaa yaa :D

@silvi: makasiii ya sayang...sometimes we just did a silly pose :p

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

bkn ngiri aj kak,pcrn na langgeng bgt ampe 7thn..hihiiii..

wulan said...

hey yooouuu... finally you post sumthing in this blog again... :)

selamat yaaa... 8 years... it's a 'wow'... jd iriii...

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miwwa said...

happy 7 5/6 anniversary!!! haha.. x)