Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sorry for the long hiatus!! Both of us are soo busy with one and the other things..
but I'll try to update this blog more often, since I'm sure that there will be a lot of things to share in a couple months ahead :D
First Thing First
Since February 27th, 2010, Delon and I were officialy engaged :)..
and we plan to held our wedding at the end of this year..just hope everything will be run smoothly and we can find the venue for our wedding soon!! :D

No no no, this is not the engagement ring, this is just the rings that we used to wear from 2006 if I'm not mistaken.

I can't post the photos of our engagement coz all the photos are with my cousins, coz he is the photographer..I haven't see those pic too soon as I get those pic, I will post it in this blog :)

The second thing is if you the daisypath in the left coloumn, you'll see 'We've been together for 8 years and 1 day'..

yesss!! yesterday was our 8th annversary!! I'm soo happy that we can keep our relationship for this long and I'm sure we can keep this 'love sparkle' on forever :)..I'm sure that he is a soulmate that God create and sent to me..I know maybe it sounds cheezy, but when you already found someone that you really love, you will feel what I feel now ;)

I really can't wait for the Big Day..please pray for us friends :)

since now we were on our preparations for the big day, I think this blog will be a wedding blog soon..coz we plan to update about our preparation here, so maybe we can help other couples who also prepare their weddings :)..

For the last, if you have any info about the wedding venue that is not too expensive or other info about wedding preparation, please tell us :)..thankss a lot !!