Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Progress So Far..

I know we've been neglected this blog for such a long long long time..I'm really sorry for that..the wedding preparation already make us crazy..so, I update the wedding blog which is written in Indonesia more often..hahaha

Sometimes, I just confused with what should I write in this blog..because we used almost all of our time to prepare for the big day..But, this time I think it will be great if I share you some progress about my wedding day :)

The only thing that's already fix is the venue..we haven't booked for the catering and decoration :(..we're still working on it to find a great one and fit to our budget :D..there are a lot of vendors that offers a great quality, but most of them are out of our reach :p..

We will celebrate our Big Day in three event..the wedding reception will be held twice, one in a wedding hall and the other in Delon's house..this is because both of our tradition will be use in the wedding, Aceh and Padang :)..and the third event is the wedding contract or what we called akad nikah..but we still haven't decided whether the akad nikah will be held in my house or in a mosque..

I guess this all that I can share this time..the most important thing is we were very excited to prepare our big day :D..really hope that everything will run smoothly until December 11th, 2010 *yess,,this is our wedding date* :)



FONTY said...

congrats for the wedding!

I hope you gain more success in the future.

B a la Moda said...

Thanks for the update. I like to know how you are doing and preparing for the big day.

B* a la Moda